Chi Mai - Watergate, Jon Vendon

Chi Mai (Jon Vendan Remix)

Trendiger Tech-Dance Remix von Jon Vendan für den "Watergate" Track "Chi Mai". Das Original von Ennio Morricone ist die Titelmusik aus dem Film "Der Profi" von 1981.
Watergate hatten mit Merry Christmas M. Lawrence (Heart of Asia) einen Top 5 Hit in England und 1999 ihre Chi Mai Version veröffentlicht.

Trendy tech-dance remix by Jon Vendan for the "Watergate" track "Chi Mai". The original by Ennio Morricone is the theme music from the 1981 film "The Professional".
Watergate had a top 5 hit in England with Merry Christmas M. Lawrence (Heart of Asia) and released their Chi Mai version in 1999".


Release: 23.06.2023

Lass Ma Tanzen - Jon Vendon, CJ Stone, Rx

Lass Ma Tanzen
Jon Vendan x CJ Stone x Rx

Newcomer + Top-DJ + Rapper + 303 = "Lass ma Tanzen"

A musical formula that transports techno sounds from the 90s into the current time and causes a sensation on the dancefloors.
Jon Vendan caught attention right away with his first release and delivered a high profile track - a remix for "All by Myself" by Alok and Ellie Goulding.
During a studio session with rapper RX, there was a chance encounter with CJ Stone, who has been part of the elite of the European DJ scene since the 2000s. His hits like "Shining Star" and "Infinity" are still dance floor fillers today. The idea to press the styles rap and techno into a new soundscape and to market them in a colloboration was quickly realized.

The result is a tech-dance track that irreverently asks every partygoer to dance just by RX's concise lyrics: "Lass ma Tanzen".


Release: 24.03.2023

Always On My Mind (The Remixes) - DJ Quicksilver presents Base Unique

Always On My Mind (The Remixes)
DJ Quicksilver presents Base Unique

Even though DJ Quicksilver has been producing inernational Dance Hits like "Bellissima", "Free" and "Ameno" for over 24 years now, he still is one of the most booked and searched for DJ´s of europe's 90s parties.

Following this theme the next "Dream Dance" Compilation number 88 is going to be released, featuring CD3 completely mixed by DJ Quicksilver as a special Trance Classic Set.

January the 17th marks the date remixes of Base Unique’s "Always on My Mind", an international classic Hit, will also be released. DJ Quicksilver presents Base Unique published the single for the first time in 2002.

Lately CJ Stone and Amfree & Ampris rolled up their sleeves to produce fresh and exciting versions, full of fat sounds in a contemporary EDM Brazilian Bass and Bigroom style. Prepare to fall in love with this merge of classic heartwarming lyrics & melody and modern, progressive electronic appearance.

Released: 17.01.2020

A Neverending Dream - Watergate

A Neverending Dream

The dance project Watergate was founded in the late 90s by producers David Haid and Tommaso De Donatis.

Although there were only 4 releases in total each one was placed on the international sales charts. Watergates biggest hit was a cover version of a famous score by film composer Ryuichi Sakamoto.

With their version of "Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (Heart of Asia)" Watergate have achieved the highest chart ranking of all versions worldwide - including 3rd place in England.

17 years after Watergates latest release the label Underdog is currently releasing remixes of their X-Perience cover versions "A Neverending Dream" in a contemporary sound.



Released: 22.11.2019

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