Vinyl History

The german independent label Underdog was one of the most popular dance labels within the dance and trance scene of the 90s and celebrated worldwide success achieving a lot of top 10 hits.


From 1995 to 2004 succesfull chartsacts like DJ Quicksilver, Watergate, Ayla and Interactive published their songs on the vinyl-label Underdog, which then got pressed by the best dance-labels on CD like: Positiva UK, Dance Pool Germany, Zeitgeist Germany, Dos Or Die Germany, Avex Trax Japan, Central Station Australia, Blanco Y Negro Spain...




Year Release Artist Title  
1995 UD001 DJ Quicksilver Bingo Bongo  
1995 UD002 DJ Quicksilver Boing!  
1996 UD003 Pro Doctors Rabahouse  
1996 UD004 DJ Quicksilver I Have A Dream / Bellissima  
1996 UD005 Nomination I Pipeman  
1996 UD006 Ayla Ayla  
1997 UD007 La Voix Up (LaLaLa)  
1997 UD008 DJ Nervous Close Your Eyes  
1997 UD009 DJ Quicksilver Free  
1997 UD010 Intrance Te Quierro ‘97  
1997 UD011 Interactive Point Of No Return  
1997 UD012 DJ Quicksilver Free RMX Edition  
1997 UD013 DJ Quicksilver Planet Love  
1997 UD014 La Voix Sunrise  
1997 UD015 DJ Quicksilver Planet Love RMX  
1998 UD016 Dream Culture Take Me Higher  
1998 UD017 DJ Nervous Jack The Groove  
1998 UD018 De Donatis feat. Daryl Pandy Love Can’t Turn Around  
1998 UD019 DJ Quicksilver Escape To Paradise / Timerider  
1998 UD020 Watergate The Battle (Mull of Kintyre)  
1999 UD021 Watergate Watergate E.P. (Maid of Orleans)  
1999 UD022 DJ Nervous Close Your Eyes ‘99  
1999 UD023 8 x 4 I Like It  
1999 UD024 Watergate Watergate RMX Edition  
1999 UD025 Q Heart Of Asia  
1999 UD026 DJ Quicksilver Cosmophobia  
1999 UD027 Watergate Heart Of Asia  
1999 UD028 DJ Quicksilver Cosmophobia - Extremix  
2000 UD029 Monsoon Carlottas Day  
2000 UD030 Jupiter Prime Gate To Heaven  
2000 UD031 John B. Norman Poison  
2000 UD032 DJ Quicksilver Ameno More than 10.000 units sold
2001 UD033 DJ Quicksilver Ameno RMX  
2001 UD034 JBN All I Want  
2002 UD035 DJ Quicksilver Boombastic RMX  
2002 UD036 DJ Quicksilver pres. Base Unique Always on my mind  
2002 UD037 Jupiter Prime Secrets of Life  
2002 UD038 Base Unique Voyage Voyage  
2002 UD039 DJ Quicksilver New Life  
2002 UD040 Mythos & Watergate A Neverending Dream  
2003 UD041 DJ Quicksilver New Life RMX  
2003 UD042 Jupiter Prime Ocean of Joy  
2003 UD043 Dubb Headz Rising Up  
2004 UD044 DJ Quicksilver Clubfiles One  
2004 UD045 G & T Pullover vs. Close your Eyes  
2004 UD046 Luna Park Lonely Shepherd  
2004 UD047 Vendom Self Control  
2004 UD048 Vendom Take Me, Shake Me  
2004 UD049 ? Ruhrgebeat  
2004 UD050 Base Unique Cambodia  




Special Releases

Year Release Artist Title  
1999 UDX1/2 Chemical 25 / Formania Access / The Future  
2001 UDX1 Luna Park Space Melody  
2002 UDX1 BlackEight The Silence  
2003 ATT Attacke Instant Moments vs. NOW  
2003 ATT2 Attacke Pullover vs. Close your Eyes